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The German language basic level B1 is an intermediate stage in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) classification. At the B1 level, learners have progressed beyond the beginner stages (A1 and A2) and have achieved a higher level of language proficiency. Here are the key characteristics of the German B1 level:

  1. Listening and Speaking: Learners can understand the main points of clear and standard speech on familiar topics, such as work, school, leisure activities, and current events. They can participate in conversations, express opinions, and provide explanations for their viewpoints.
  2. Reading: Learners can comprehend the main ideas of texts that are straightforward and written in everyday language, such as articles, advertisements, and simple narratives.
  3. Writing: Learners can write coherent and detailed texts on a wide range of subjects. They can produce personal letters, emails, reports, and express their opinions in writing.
  4. Vocabulary: Learners expand their vocabulary to include a broader range of topics, allowing them to discuss various subjects with more precision.
  5. Grammar: At the B1 level, learners build on their understanding of grammar and acquire more complex structures. Some of the grammar topics covered include the past tenses (Perfekt, Präteritum), future tense (Futur I), indirect speech (indirekte Rede), conjunctions, and relative clauses.
  6. Cultural Awareness: Learners continue to develop their cultural awareness and understanding of German-speaking countries, including cultural norms, traditions, and social conventions.
  7. Independence: Learners become more independent in their language use, able to express themselves with increasing fluency and accuracy.

At the B1 level, learners are considered to be at an intermediate stage and are capable of handling a broader range of communication tasks. They can engage in more extended conversations, read more complex texts, and write with greater coherence and depth. This level lays the foundation for further language learning, where learners can progress to higher levels (B2, C1, C2) and achieve more advanced language skills.

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What Will You Learn?

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Course Content

What is Sales?

  • Staying on the Sales Tightrope
  • ‘Prescribing’ not Selling

Building a Sales Relationship

Diagnosing the Sale & Prescribing a Solution

Objection Handling & Closing Sale

Efficiency & Measurement in Sales

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2 years ago
I truly enjoyed this class and really liked the student-professor interaction. ... The more I learn today, the less risky moves I will make in the future.
2 years ago
Excellent course! Educators are knowledgeable and thoroughly enjoy the topic creating a fun laid-back learning atmosphere. Will take more courses