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German Basic Level – A2 (Start Deutsch-A2)


German A2 Level is the another basic level in which students learn next step of German Language Grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking part. In this level student learn effectively about connecting sentences, using past and pol

Brief Contents

  • Introduction A2 Grammar
  • Nebensatz with dass,ob, als, wenn, weil, obwohl, damit
  • Use of deshalb and trotzdem
  • Use of helping and modal verbs in past
  • Passive
  • Genitive with “s” & Article
  • Indirect questions with WH Word and ob
  • Relative sentences
  • Reflexive Verbs
  • Positive, Comparative and Superlative degree
  • Useof wie and als in sentences
  • Use of verb “lassen”
  • Konjunktive 2 (K-ll)
  • Interrogative article
  • Use of jemand/niemand
  • Use of verb as a noun in sentence
  • Exam preparation with Goethe Test Paper


  • Start Deutsch A2


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